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oh but for you there is one girl
15 April 2012 @ 10:12 pm

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comment to be added. i friend back 99% of the time.
oh but for you there is one girl
26 April 2016 @ 07:44 am

ahh, i finally finished my sub of the first episode of 99.9. well, actually, i finished it a few days ago, but i kept nitpicking at it... ugh. meanwhile, i've already seen at least three other subbers post their version... that's what i get for being so slow and stupidly indecisive. oh well, i'm just doing this for practice anyway, and if someone enjoys my work, that's a bonus. ♥

miyama 1 miyama 2

in case you're like me and like knowing what the subs look like before downloading them... here's two previews. click to enlarge. i totally picked these two screencaps at random. i'm not biased at all.

download linkCollapse )

* do not remove credit.
i spent way too much time on this. don't be an asshole.
* do not edit my subs, redistribute and claim them as your own. editing is only okay when it's for personal use (adjusting font size, for example).

* do not redistribute without my permission, period. you can share the subs with a friend through pm or something (i'd rather you link them here, though, so they can read the translation notes), but don't just post them somewhere. i kinda wanna try and keep them in one place.
* do not be like goldfish poop. that's the password. "goldfishpoop", with no quotation marks.
* do not use my subs to translate into another language. ask me first, then we'll go from there.
* do not sell my subs. or rent or whatever it is people do. this one is so obvious to me, i almost forgot to post it here.

that's... it, i guess? did i miss something? i'm honestly pretty lenient.

anyway, here are some translation notes for episode one! come back to this post after you've watched it~

translation notesCollapse )

no idea if someone will pick my newbie subs over some of the more established fansubbers, but in case people like that exist (hi, and thank you!), i'm totally open to feedback!! this is the first time i've subbed something (well... except for that vsa episode i started subbing a month ago. but that's not finished yet), so please let me know if something's wrong. can be literally anything! timing (too fast/slow/completely off, the way i break up lines), complete mistranslation (welp, i hope not), typesetting (font size too big/small?), translation notes in the episodes themselves y/n? etc. etc. also istg, am i crazy or are the subs slightly off-centre...? i didn't adjust the horizontal positioning though... maybe i've just been staring at the screen for too long.

if you've got a question, you can leave a comment or you can send me a tweet here. feedback is ♥♥♥!!!

also, i'm thinking of creating a hardubbed version as well sometime down the line (meaning, it's not a priority atm, especially since idk how, so i'd have to learn that too), but if anyone else with experience wants to give it a go, be my guest! and be sure to tell me if you do there's a chance i might change the typesetting slightly (praying i don't end up going on an editing spree... orz), so hardsubs will have to wait.

ending the post with a little screencap of one of my favourite scenes, hehe.

miyama 3