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oh but for you there is one girl
15 April 2012 @ 10:12 pm

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oh but for you there is one girl
25 May 2016 @ 01:56 pm

waaah. it's episode 5. i hate this episode so much. too many puns and other language-based jokes this time, as well as even more wrestling references (i recently learned it's because the director is a fan), legal terms, people talking over each other... and for some reason the timing just kept looking off to me. maddening!! it didn't really help that i had zero motivation. all i wanted to do was watch d no arashi (i'm currently catching up!), heh.

this time, i just had to include ochiai staring lovingly at tachibana in the screencaps, huhu. ♥ i've liked the actor, baba tooru, for years now, so i'm really hoping he gets some proper scenes with jun soon. ;w;

[download! click here!!]

episode 5 password: amesosweet
fonts (optional)

as always, timed to the raw episode provided by jdramacity. not tested with the raw from nyaa, but i assume it works. get the episodes here at plotboxes (moderated membership; just click join and you'll be added sooner or later), or from the aforementioned websites.


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i feel like there's quite a few notes this time... going to try and keep it short. (i'll probably fail, because i can't help but ramble.)

[translation notes]-- [ TRANSLATION NOTES #05] --

the original lines are 合格すごいね "goukaku sugoi ne" and 骨格すごいね "kokkaku sugoi ne". the translation for the former is pretty much the same, the latter means something along the lines of "your frame/build is amazing". this joke gave me such a headache, trying to find words that were similar to each other and made sense, was such a pain. i was constantly mouthing words to myself to try it out. the end result is... kind of reaching? but it sorta kinda maybe works a little bit, haha.

そんなラグビーじゃアクビーが出るな "sonna ragubii ja akubii ga deru na" translates roughly to "that kind of rugby will make you yawn". あくび "akubi" means "yawn", but the way it's written here アクビー "akubii" makes it look and sound more like ラグビー "ragubii" or "rugby".

"tranquilo" is a catchphrase said by japanese wrestler, naito tatsuya (who's also the one who says "cabrón"), and means "relax" (means "calm" when used as an adjective). the joke is sada-sensei accidentally guessing the meaning when he asks his daughter what "tranquilo" means, by telling her to あせんなよ! "asen na yo!" or "relax!"

as explained in the subs, "ame" can refer to both 飴 (hard) candy and 雨 rain.

i had absolutely no idea what akashi was talking about at first, and wondered if the dog thing was some kind of expression i didn't know, lol. but then - japanese fans to the rescue!

it's a reference to jun's first drama role as mori in bokura no yuuki, which starred kinki kids (and also had little baby aiba). waaaugh he looks so cute ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ♥

according to this second tweet, the director for 99.9 was the assistent director for bokura no yuuki. i've never watched bokura no yuuki (i will... someday), but watching this out-of-context clip is kinda making me giggle. something about jun just randomly standing there with his dog, you know?

the wrestling move tachibana does when shika-sensei's too busy staring at togawa-kun to listen to her, is called a mongolian chop.

the original line is 屋上で待っててもらエルサイズ "okujou de mattete mora-eru saizu". without the punny joke, the sentence would just end with "moraeru", and the sentence would mean "could you wait on the roof?" the エルサイズ "eru saizu" attached to "moraeru" here means "L size".

i'm not sure if "hunter chance" is an actual catchphrase they use, but the hunter club tachibana mentions is a professional wrestling group formed by yoshitatsu, meant to go against another group, the bullet club. fujino asks if she's referring to yagyuu hiroshi, who used to host a quiz show called 100万円クイズ "1 million yen quiz", where he would say "hunter chance" depending on certain things happening (i couldn't be bothered reading the show's rules, lol).

fun little coincidence (or maybe it's only fun for me): yagyuu hiroshi is the name of the character baba tooru (the actor who plays ochiai) played in the first series of the prince of tennis musicals (tenimyu). i thought maybe it was a reference??? but nope, apparently, magy (who plays fujino), ad-libbed that, so it's just a coincidence.


the wrestler in the poster is nagata yuuji. the slogan written in the middle of the poster says アイルビーゼア! "airu bii zea!" or "i'll be there!" tachibana repeats the "there" part... because i think it's something he does, too? idk. i haven't done that much research. underneath it, it says 白目むかずに見張ります! "shirome mukazu ni miharimasu!" or "I'll stand guard, without widening my eyes in fear!" something like that.



the sign says お茶です "ocha desu" or "this is tea". kind of a weird, but somehow also cute little moment in the episode imo, haha.


the cd with the blue cover says "飴 so sweet" or "ame so sweet" (ame referring to candy here). yep, it's a reference to arashi's "love so sweet". the cd with the red cover on the right contains the song kanako was writing in episode 3, when she asked which was better, potato chips or popcorn. she went with... 私のほっぺはポップコーン あなたのほっぺはチューインガム "watashi no hoppe wa poppu ko-n, anata no hoppe wa chuuingamu" or "my cheeks are popcorn, your cheeks are chewing gum"... well. maybe the song is fun, lol. i can only make out parts of the other cd titles, so i'll have to skip that.

in the right picture, kanako's holding a cd that looks like... golden bomber? no, it's goldengal (???) bombers. i can't really tell what that last letter is in the first word. the song title is "め!めし食ってる!?" or "me! meshi kutteru!?" which means something along the lines of, "you're eating f-food!?" it's a parody of golden bomber's famous "memeshikute" song... which i've personally heard way too often. argh. i figure they put in a golden bomber reference, because one of their members is obsessed with jun and livetweets like crazy whenever 99.9 airs.

little punny nickname for akashi. 赤信号 "akashingou" means "red (traffic) light".

takeda mitsuru is written like 武田満. the chinese characters (kanji) the japanese language uses have alternate readings, depending on the word/name. the 武 "take" in 武田 takeda is the same character as 武 "bu" in 武士 "bushi" (warrior/samurai). 田 "da" is the same character as 田 "ta" in 田んぼ "tanbo" (rice field). putting those alternate readings together gives you "buta" (which is also the word for "pig" in japanese). 満 "mitsuru" is the same character as 満 "man" in 満月 "mangetsu" (full moon). and so you get takeda mitsuru's altername name, buta man ("pig man"). this was an absolute nightmare to try and cram into the subs, good lord. ~_~

original pun: そんなアダナは、ヤアダナ "sonna adana wa ya adana" meaning roughly, "i don't like nicknames like that". this pun revolves around あだ名 "adana" (written here in katakana アダナ) and やだな "ya da na" (いやだな "iya da na") which essentially means something like, "i don't like it" or "i don't want to". the な "na" at the end is just for emphasis. idk why, but this might be my favourite pun so far, lol. unfortunately, i had a bit of a hard time thinking up a good one of my own... i went with "a pet name like that is truly pet-rifying"... pet names and nicknames aren't even really the same thing :v oh well...

as i said in a note above, kanji have different readings. 三枝 saegusa can also be read as 三 "san" and 枝 "shi". sanshi. this sounds like 三 "san" or "three" and 四 "shi" or "four". the pun with saegusa's name is that 3 x 4 = 12. hence, he's "mr twelve".


sorry for any mistakes i've made in the subs or in the notes! i very likely missed some timing mistakes, so if you come across one, lemme know! also, i probably (definitely) missed some references. if there's an obvious one you spotted that i didn't list here for whatever reason, feel free to leave a coment. other comments or questions are also welcome. my twitter if you want to see the occasional whining about subbing, or if you want quicker reply to a question.

i'm dying rn. i need a nap. (and then it's off to do episode 6... i haven't even watched it yet. waaaaah.)

oh but for you there is one girl
17 May 2016 @ 09:30 am

hey ho, i'm sure most people will already have gotten episode 4 subs from somewhere else, but for those that haven't--subs for episode 4, y'all!! does the actor playing the bar manager, fuchikami yasushi, remind anyone else of eita? huhu. :3

[subs! click me!]

i feel like some people get confused, so to make sure... these are softsubs. okay? okay!

- episode 4 subs password: superdrunk
- fonts kozuka gothic pro b and myriad pro condensed, in case you don't have them already.

timed to the raw file provided by jdramacity. also works with the file found on nyaa. direct downloads can be found here at plotboxes (open membership) or at the aforementioned websites.


- do not remove credit/claim as your own
- do not redistribute without permission (e.g. post on forums, etc.)
- do not retranslate
- do not sell subs
- sharing privately with a friend is ok (link back here if possible)

and here are your weekly translation notes~

[translation notes ♪]

general excu--i mean, disclaimer, because there's several lines i'm a little more than unsure of this time. plus there's a mention of 神楽通り "kagura doori" which i translated as "kagura street", because i'm assuming it's a street in kagurazaka, tokyo, except i've never actually been to tokyo/japan, so i have no idea if that's accurate. woops. there's also a frequent mention of (強制)わいせつ犯 "(kyousei) waisetsu han" which means something along the lines of "indecent crime/assault", but i've translated as "sexual assault"... i don't think i've said this before, but the legal terms in this drama are kinda ??? for me sometimes. so i have to just wing it, occasionally. :v anyway, yeah, little things like this are why there's a disclaimer this time. i mean, i always struggle with these small translation issues, but i feel like there's enough in this episode that i should make excuses for myself. hehe.

PUN ALERT! 時間が... オーバー久美子 "JIKAN GA... OOBAA KUMIKO"
meaning, "time is over (kumiko)". tricky to translate this time, since it's not just a pun, but also a reference to a real life actress, 大場久美子 ohba kumiko. the pun, of course, is the fact that the japanese pronunciation for the english word "over" オーバー "oobaa", and the surname of this particular actress 大場 "ooba" sound alike. (in case you're wondering, it's technically "ooba", but i personally just think "ohba" looks better. it's not wrong, just a different way to romanize.)

this drama loves putting all sorts of tiny details in, so of course, she makes a cameo appearance near the end of the episode.. ohba kumiko is the woman in the background. sada-sensei totally realised it was her, haha.

the one-winged angel... as in, the song from final fantasy vii? yes and no. it's tachibana, so it's of course another professional wrestling reference. this time, she's referencing a move by kenny omega. he's a canadian wrestler, who speaks japanese, lives in japan, and is also a fan of anime and video games. the one-winged angel is one of his finishing moves, and yes, he did actually name it after the final fantasy song. pretty neat!

a reference to apollo creed from the movie rocky with sylvester stallone. you can see the guy fujino-san's calling apollo, has boxing gloves around his neck.

miyama already explains it in the episode, but to sum up the wikipedia article i read about it (heh), it's an extortion scheme used to blackmail people (often married men) into paying money. it usually involves a woman (who may or may not be working with a partner) that gets a man into some kind of comprising situation, generally sexual, and then threatens him afterwards with evidence of what happened. there's a good chance you've seen it somewhere before in a tv series or a movie or something.

chinese currency.

"thoroughbred" can be used to refer to any purebred horse, but as madarame-sensei uses the word サラブレッド "sarabureddo" or "throughbred", it's likely he's referring to the name of an actual horsebreed called "thoroughbred". it's a breed that's often used in horseracing.

常昭ラグビー "joushou ragubii" or "joushou rugby" is presumably the name of a rugby club madarame-sensei (and miyama-papa) belonged to. the word "invincible" here is 常勝 "joushou". same pronunciation as the name of the rugby club, but written with slightly different characters. i guess miyama inherited his love for wordplay jokes from his dad, huh? learning dad jokes from his actual dad!


the list of notes seems a little shorter this time. not that i mind. less work for me!

comments of any kind - questions, criticism, compliments, any other feedback, or just general fangirling/boying over 99.9/jun/arashi/whatever - are all welcome. twitter is also an option. definitely feel free to point out any mistakes or other weird things i probably might've missed while i did the quality checking for the subs. i always do my best to answer questions btw, but it might take me a day or two. sorry about that!

random heads-up: i still haven't checked the subs for episode 2 since i posted them, but iirc the timing isn't as good as i'd like it to be, so i'll likely redo them. not sure when, but... just so you know.

ending this post with an extra screencap of jun looking pretty, because today (may 17) is the 20th anniversary of him entering johnny's jimusho. hurrah!! congratulations, jun-kun. may you forever stay beautiful and shiny and totally tsundere. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
oh but for you there is one girl
11 May 2016 @ 03:20 am

man. i should totally just accept that i'm too slow to release subs before the next episode releases. sigh. anyway, it's time for episode 3! ♪ i really enjoyed this episode, it was a nice little change of pace. tachibana <3 and miyama is totally showing his tsundere in this episode (mostly tsuntsun, rather than deredere, hehe).

[download links]
- episode 3 password: niceseasoning
- fonts (kozuka gothic pro b & myriad pro condensed) in case you haven't installed them already.

subs were timed to the raws found on jdramacity. presumably also matches the hq files on nyaa (haven't checked this time, am basing this on previous episodes). the raw episodes can be found here at plotboxes (open membership) or the aforementioned websites.

- do not remove credit/claim as your own
- do not redistribute without permission (e.g. post on forums, etc.)
- do not retranslate
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- sharing privately with a friend is ok (link back here if possible)

previously i said no retranslation without permission, but... from now on, it's no retranslation, period. there's just too much that gets lost in translation (not to mention my translation is far from perfect).

for those interested, i've added some translation notes for miyama's whiteboard notes in episode 2 here. anyway, here are the notes for episode 3!

[translation notes]

a continuation of miyama's "itadaki-" puns. the original line is いただきマングローブ "itadakimanguroobu" or "itadaki-mangrove". a mangrove is a type of tree. i was a little annoyed with this joke, i honestly barely tried with my version, haha.

essentially the japanese word for "lunch box". (except japanese lunch boxes always seem so much better somehow.) i considered translating it, but apparently it's actually in the oxford dictionary. themoreyouknow.gif~ so i left it in.

the "cooked rice wine" is 煎り酒 "irizake". it's apparently a sauce that was often used before soy sauce became mainstream. 土佐醤油 "tosa shouyu" or "tosa soy sauce" is a soy sauce infused with bonito (type of fish) flakes. tosa refers to the kochi prefecture, known for catching bonito fish. harissa is a spicy chili pepper paste used in middle eastern cuisine. 味噌ダレ "misodare" or miso sauce is... sauce made from miso. miso itself is a sort of paste that's used in sauces, soups, as seasoning, etc.

i wasn't able to put this in the subs themselves because it would get too crowded otherwise, but when akashi hears her kaho's name and says the above line, he follows it up with "fruits walking" (as in, the actual english words). it's the literal meaning for kaho's name 果歩, which is written with the characters for "fruit" and "walking".

a spanish word that can be interpreted in several ways (or so google tells me, i know zero spanish), but likely means something along the lines of "bastard" or "jackass" here. this is left untranslated, because the average japanese viewer won't know what this means either. this comes from japanese pro wrestler naito tetsuya, along with the eye thing tachibana does when she says it. when he was in mexico, he was apparently heckled by people in the audience, getting racist comments like "open your eyes!" and in response, he opened his eye with his hand. i guess he liked doing it so much, it's become a taunt of his.

the word used here is 風俗 "fuuzoku" (or 風俗店 "fuuzokuten", with 店 meaning "store" or shop"). it's a bit of a broad term, and "sex industry" was maybe not the best way to translate it... but it essentially refers to places that provide sexual services that aren't vaginal sex (as it would then be considered prostitution according to the japanese law, which is illegal). this includes places like soaplands, image clubs, fashion health clubs, etc. (links go to wikipedia and are all sfw.)

サダノウィン "sada no win" is the name of a horse, presumably sada's own race horse. you can see in his office several... plaques, i guess, on his wall, that have a number with the name サダノウィン written underneath it.

kanako's lyrics read わたしのほっぺ "watashi no hoppe". but miyama mistakes the わ "wa" in わたし for れ "re", so he reads たしのほっぺ "retashi no hoppe".

roughly means "the safe is impossible to open". 金庫 "kinko" means "safe". 開き "aki" comes from 開く "aku" or "to open" (transitive verb). っこない "kkonai" is a grammatical phrase that means something along the lines of "impossible to", "can't possibly", etc. it would normally be 開きっこない "akikkonai" but the little っ "tsu" here (which doubles consonants) has been replaced with ん "n" so it turns into 開きんこない "akinkonai", thus giving you a pun with きんこ "kinko". i have to thank jimjamjenny (and husband) for helping me with this, because the grammar here was kind of confusing me. @_@ ありがとう!! my version: "knowing the combination to your safe... is pretty key." heh. ...orz


feedback, questions, comments, general fangirling/boying, etc etc it's all welcome. just leave a comment here or tweet me.
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oh but for you there is one girl
look at this idiot ( ´艸`)

hello! here i am, with subs for episode 2 of 99.9. i would've finished this a bit sooner, but then real life happened. oh well. i really want to bring these out sooner, though... i'll try and work harder for episode 3!!

anyway! before i move on to episode 2... i've revised episode 1 a bit! please download it. there was a minor translation error that i wanted to fix. the error is miyama calling akashi "goldfish poop". he literally used the words 金魚の糞 "kingyo no fun", which means "goldfish poop". however, i learned recently that it's also used to refer to people who are super clingy. and unfortunately, i'm 99.9% (hurr) certain that's what miyama meant. i say "unfortunately", because the idea of miyama calling akashi goldfish poop is hilarious to me. i changed it to "clingy like goldfish poop", which is what that phrase is all about anyway, so it still works! everybody wins! i went ahead and also made some typesetting changes (fonts are still the same, however), tweaked the timing on some lines, and did some general phrasing and punctuation editing.

i've also updated the translation notes in the original episode 1 post with the above information and replaced the download links with the revised version. anyway, you're all here for episode 2, so onto the links!

[episode 2 subs (and revised episode 1)]


i got impatient and only checked the subs in its entirety once. timing seemed a bit fast...? but i'm not sure. sorry in advance!! once i have more time, i'll go back and check properly.

- episode 2 password: tangedanpei
- revised episode 1 password: goldfishpoop
- fonts

neither .rar files contain the fonts this time, so if you didn't install them last time, please download them separately.

subs were timed to the raw obtained from jdramacity. also works with the hq files from nyaa. both raws i'm uploading here at plotboxes. join to view (open membership).


- do not remove credit or claim as your own
- do not redistribute without permission (e.g post on forums or whatever)
- do not retranslate without permission
- do not sell these subs
- sharing privately with a friend is ok (link back here if possible)

easy peasy lemon squeezy.

thank you to everyone who said nice things about my translation notes last time. you were all so kind, i got embarrassed reading your comments, haha. (///v///) here are the episode 2 notes! i got a little annoyed with how long this episode was taking me, so i might have missed some things that need a translation note... sorry about that. feel free to ask me if you're curious about something, and i'll do my best to answer.

[UPDATED MAY 11, 2016] added some translations for miyama's whiteboard notes, as requested.

[translation notes~]-- [ TRANSLATION NOTES #02 ] --

いただきます "itadakimasu" is a set phrase most of you will likely be familiar with, that is said before eating a meal. the closest english equivalent would be something like "bon appetit" (which is actually french, but... whatever). miyama, however, is a special snowflake, so instead of "itadakimasu", he said いただきマングース "itadakimanguusu" or "itadaki-mongoose". a mongoose is a furry, little animal. here is its wikipedia article. naturally, i couldn't translate this literally, so... my own version comes from "meal" and "eagle". don't blame me, blame miyama.

there he goes again. this time, it's いただきマンドリル "itadakimandoriru" or "itadaki-mandrill". a mandrill is a type of monkey. wikipedia article~ my version comes from "meal" and "beaver". :'D


vlcsnap-2016-05-12-00h10m00s224.png vlcsnap-2016-05-12-00h08m38s21.png

click to enlarge. the top notes in the first screencap are all the facts they know so far about the case. they're in chronological order, from right to left. the notes in red underneath the first two paper notes say セクハラ → ストレス? or 常習 "sekuhara? → sutoresu? or joushuu" meaning "sexual harassment → stress? or habit". (i'm unsure if it really says 常習, but it does kinda look like it, and the meaning fits.) the third paper note has 金の入った封筒 "kane no haitta fuutou" or "envelope that contained money" underlined. the note in red underneath says 見つかっていない どこへ? "mitsukatte inai doko he?" or "hasn't been found. where did it go?" the next red note says 防犯カメラ? (交渉)"bouhan kamera? (koushou)" or "security camera? (negotiating)". next to it, it says 目撃者がいるかも "mokugekisha ga iru kamo" or "there might be eyewitnesses". the kanji in the red notes above it are a bit too smushed, so i can't really read it. next it says, 工場現場へ聞き込み "koujou genba he kikikomi" or "go to the construction site, and ask around".

the red note at the bottom left in the second screencap says 同郷 静岡県 "doukyou shizuokaken" or "same province, shizuoka prefecture". on the bottom right it says 背中まで達している箇所あり (医者に話を聞くかも) "senaka made tasshite iru kasho ari (isha ni hanashi wo kiku kamo)" or "there's a point where it even reached the back (might ask a doctor about it)". the other notes visible in the screencap are below.

vlcsnap-2016-05-12-00h06m54s154.png vlcsnap-2016-05-12-00h09m18s144.png

in the left screencap, it says, 山下の供述では2回刺した "yamashita no kyoujutsu de wa nikai sashita" or "he was stabbed twice according to yamashita's testimony". ☆刺し傷の深さ数 → 実際は5回 ※ 追撃? 合わない? "sashikizu fukasakazu → jissai wa gokai ※ tsuigeki/ awanai?" or "higher number of stab wounds → actually five times ※ pursuit? doesn't add up?"

in the right screencap, 木内の傷は5ヵ所 "kiuchi no kizu wa gokasho" or "kiuchi is injured in five places".


tange danpei is the name of a major character in the anime/manga series あしたのジョー or "ashita no joe". the "tange-san" here uses it as an alias, hence those homeless guys and sada-sensei's reactions (as well as akashi and fujino later). as a sidenote, the actor for sada-sensei, kagawa teruyuki, actually played tange danpei in the 2011 live-action adaption of ashita no joe, alongside jun's fellow johnny's idol, yamashita tomohisa. in fact... that's kagawa-san as tange danpei in the picture above, lol. a nice little reference there from the 99.9 staff. :)

PUN ALERT! お金はおっかねえ --  な、おかねさん "OKANE WA OKKA NEE -- NA, OKANE-SAN"
お金はおっかねえ means roughly, "money is frightening". お金 "okane" means "money. おっかねえ "okka nee" is a more casual way of saying "okka nai" which means "scary" or "frightening". おかねさん "okane-san" is just a nonexistent person miyama is addressing, as "okane" can also be a surname (though usually written with different characters, i believe). my version: "money doesn't always enrich people's lives. isn't that right, mr rich?" i'm not particularly happy with it, but eh. it has "money", "(en)rich", it's not very positive about money like miyama's pun, and "rich" is an actual surname (i had to look it up to make sure, haha), so it'll work, i suppose.

だもんで "damonde" is an expression used in shizuoka dialect. it means something along the lines of "because of that", "and so", "therefore", etc. this was an absolute pain to try and figure out how to handle in translation. i tried searching for an english equivalent, one that has a similar meaning, is unusual enough to stand out if you're not used to hearing it, but not unusual enough that it sounds completely out of place or archaic. sadly i didn't find one. instead, i translated the word "normally" and had miyama simply say the manager's way of talking "stood out". it's not ideal, but i'm hoping people hearing "damonde" and miyama referring to shizuka dialect is enough for viewers to connect the dots. <--- sign of a bad translator :v

sada-sensei originally calls madarame-sensei a タヌキおやじめ "tanuki oyajime" or a "tanuki geezer". tanuki are japanese raccoon dogs, and often appear in japanese folklore. they're known as mischievous tricksters and shapeshifters.

if you separate her name a little differently, you could read it as "katakana ko". katakana is one of the scripts the japanese language uses. "ko" can refer to a young girl. so she could also be thought of as "katakana girl".

the original line is うますぎるゼーット! "umasugiruzeetto!". うますぎる means "this is too good" or "too delicious". ゼ "ze" is something you can add to the end of your sentence to add a bit of power to it, and is generally used by guys. here, kageyama starts off saying "umasugiruze" but ends up turning the "ze" into ゼーット "zeetto". ゼット "zetto" is how the japanese say the letter "z". the added ー is only there because he stretched out his "ze". i changed it to "I'm telling you(s)", as "yous" kind of has that "z" sound at the end

there are some sneaky people working on this drama. i follow the official 99.9 twitter account, where they sometimes post some behind-the-scenes stuff. here's an interesting one they tweeted for this episode. in the bar, you'll see menus hanging on the walls. this one is particularly spoilery:

if you read the first characters left to right, it says わきやが半人 "wakiya ga hannin". wakiya is the name of the manager. (i don't think his name was mentioned in the episode, however...? and i already forgot where i read that, but the japanese wikipedia page for 99.9 confirms it at least.) 半人 "hannin" here literally means "half a person". that doesn't make sense of course. but "hannin" is also how you read 犯人 or "culprit". so what it actually says is, "wakaya is the culprit." sneaky indeed!


note: i've added back everyone who left a comment on my "friends only" post. sorry for the delay! please be aware, however, that this journal isn't very active anymore. i'm basically only posting subs at the moment. any fangirling i do, i tend to do on my twitter. i do want to properly revive my lj someday, but i'm super lazy, so who knows when that will happen. so if you're friends because you want someone to fangirl with... sorry. :( also, my subs will remain public, so you can access them without friending me if you want to.

questions? suggestions? wanna "kyaa kyaa!" over this episode? feel free to leave a comment! you can also check my twitter for the occasional subbing complaint update. i'm off to work on episode 3~~

oh but for you there is one girl
26 April 2016 @ 07:44 am

ahh, i finally finished my sub of the first episode of 99.9. well, actually, i finished it a few days ago, but i kept nitpicking at it... ugh. meanwhile, i've already seen at least three other subbers post their version... that's what i get for being so slow and stupidly indecisive. oh well, i'm just doing this for practice anyway, and if someone enjoys my work, that's a bonus. ♥

miyama 1 miyama 2

in case you're like me and like knowing what the subs look like before downloading them... here's two previews. click to enlarge. i totally picked these two screencaps at random. i'm not biased at all.

[UPDATED MAY 4, 2016] edited subs a little bit. updated the link with version 2! also added a translation note below.

download linkCollapse )

* do not remove credit.
i spent way too much time on this. don't be an asshole.
* do not edit my subs, redistribute and claim them as your own. editing is only okay when it's for personal use (adjusting font size, for example).

* do not redistribute without my permission, period. you can share the subs with a friend through pm or something (i'd rather you link them here, though, so they can read the translation notes), but don't just post them somewhere. i kinda wanna try and keep them in one place.
* do not be like goldfish poop. that's the password. "goldfishpoop", with no quotation marks.
* do not use my subs to translate into another language. ask me first, then we'll go from there.
* do not sell my subs. or rent or whatever it is people do. this one is so obvious to me, i almost forgot to post it here.

that's... it, i guess? did i miss something? i'm honestly pretty lenient.

anyway, here are some translation notes for episode one! come back to this post after you've watched it~

translation notesCollapse )

no idea if someone will pick my newbie subs over some of the more established fansubbers, but in case people like that exist (hi, and thank you!), i'm totally open to feedback!! this is the first time i've subbed something (well... except for that vsa episode i started subbing a month ago. but that's not finished yet), so please let me know if something's wrong. can be literally anything! timing (too fast/slow/completely off, the way i break up lines), complete mistranslation (welp, i hope not), typesetting (font size too big/small?), translation notes in the episodes themselves y/n? etc. etc. also istg, am i crazy or are the subs slightly off-centre...? i didn't adjust the horizontal positioning though... maybe i've just been staring at the screen for too long.

if you've got a question, you can leave a comment or you can send me a tweet here. feedback is ♥♥♥!!!

also, i'm thinking of creating a hardubbed version as well sometime down the line (meaning, it's not a priority atm, especially since idk how, so i'd have to learn that too), but if anyone else with experience wants to give it a go, be my guest! and be sure to tell me if you do there's a chance i might change the typesetting slightly (praying i don't end up going on an editing spree... orz), so hardsubs will have to wait.

ending the post with a little screencap of one of my favourite scenes, hehe.

miyama 3